San Pedro is a miracle plant, Steve a wonderful coach. Both have changed my life.

Christiane L., Germany
Former banker, now Yoga teacher

I am a 44 year-old man, married with two children. In December 2012, I traveled with my wife to Peru in order to make a spiritual retreat with Steve Sewell and his team. I wanted to take a step back and address some physiological concerns.

For several months I suffered from digestive problems, psoriasis on the skull as well as warts on the hands. These symptoms would grow and I had to take more medication. I felt tense, never really at peace with myself. I slept little and badly.

This workshop has changed my life, the team of Steve, Tiago and Jessica have completely lived up to my expectations. We were guided, accompanied, supported in the best way possible. Working with the staff, San Pedro, and Ayahuasca had maximum effectiveness.

But what I cared for most is the empathy and love that I received from all the staff that make up this workshop. I want to thank also the other people, Dena, Tasha, and Maria who have also opened their hearts in a very special way to me.

Today, three weeks later, I am completely healed, I feel perfectly at peace with myself, my digestive system is working perfectly, I have no warts or psoriasis and my sleep is very good.

Thank you to all the team at SanPedroWorkshops, thank you to our Mother Earth, thank you to the spirit of San Pedro and Ayahuasca who met my injured child and came to heal me. I have learned so much with them. I love the man I’ve become.

Xavier M. Switzerland

I would like to share with you the incredible experience I lived in Peru at Steve’s, the Eagle Nest.

From an exterior point of view, my life seemed to be successful: I have a wonderful loving husband, a nice family, a good job, good health, enough money, beautiful holidays… but getting all this has never been easy! My parents never taught to me how to follow my dreams, that’s why they have never understood most of my choices. I had an unhappy childhood – my parents were so hard on me, they didn’t give me love – then I met so many men who didn’t respect me, I divorced 10 years ago and at that time I lost my house and I had to start all again at 35 years old.

And until now, before coming to Peru, I didn’t find the answers to my questions about myself.  Although I tried a psychological therapy for a few months, I tried kinesiology, Chinese medicine, hypnosis, although I read a lot of personal-development books, all this helped me for a while but never gave me the peace I was looking for.

The problem was that I couldn’t help seeing myself as a victim and everything I could learn about myself was always staying at a very theoretical abstract level.

One day I decided to stop suffering. I really needed a definitive change.

I had to heal my soul, I wanted to see the world and my life with new eyes, I needed to open my heart and here – in Peru – I found the key.

The workshop with San Pedro was amazing! I wanted to release all my fears, all my sufferings, all my doubts and San Pedro made it possible. I discovered that I was still the little daughter of my parents, that’s why I didn’t love myself. I discovered – with much astonishment and suffering – the implication of not loving myself in all my life’s choices. Nobody has ever taught me to love myself and I understand suddenly now that everything becomes possible when this love is growing in your heart. On San Pedro journeys I could experience and feel that this love really exists (nothing compares to this deep universal love!) and once you have felt this through your body, you can never let it go. With Ayahuasca I could go even deeper into myself. It was a hard “cleansing” work. I was in touch with other worlds, with other times and now it’s really clear to me that we are all creations of the Universe. Our parents are just “a channel”, a way to give us life, and the education they give us is nothing else than their own projection, that’s all. There is nobody to blame. It’s my job to discover who I really am. Now I feel free and in peace for the first time in my life.

I could never experience all these things and learn so quickly (I stayed only for 12 days in Peru) without the help of Steve’s team. I have never met such loving and beautiful people. Every one of them had an amazing important part in my healing. They guided me when I was lost and confused, they made me feel safe when I was scared, they never judged me and they gave me such unconditional love. This was so unexpected for me. Their love is still now part of my reconstruction, they “repaired: me and cared for me at the time when I thought I wasn’t even worth it. They taught me humility too and I can really say that Steve, Tiago, Jessica and Mariya have become “ models “ I want to follow. This is even more important than the Ayahuasca experience.

Love and Light
Lolita, Switzerland

San Pedro is a great medicine for everyone who seeks spiritual and other personal development. It is an eye-opening and life-changing experience full of peace and harmony that everyone should experience. Steve provides a wonderful space for San Pedro journeys and in such case guidance is needed, he is a great, experienced, understanding and very skillful coach. I am very grateful for having met him and being given the opportunity to stay with him and experience San Pedro in his ceremonies. I will definitely return.

Jan L. Germany

Hi Steve,

I just wanted to write to you all how thankful I am for the amazing and wonderful time I have spent in your company on the 30 day workshop at Eagles Nest.

From the very first day I was made welcome and was helped to feel at ease although I was quite anxious as I had never experienced this kind of retreat before.

Right from the start with my initial consultation with Tiago I was made to feel welcome, Informed and comfortable.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my stay although I had a lot of things to sort out with myself I felt I was guided, Informed and educated the whole time.

The Guided Relaxation Therapy ,Amino Acid Consultation, Yoga, Guided Meditation, Body work and creative design work was completely incredible.

I thought the workshop was packed with useful information and guidance and also felt I was given plenty of space and time to absorb the information and guidance I was receiving.

I obviously had inhibitions about Drinking San Pedro  and Ayahuasca but felt very guided, informed and supported at all times. I felt the medicine was incredible and don’t understand why it isn’t being offered to the world over….

I am definitely looking forward to spending more time with you all in the future and cannot thank you enough for all the blessings and healing you have helped me achieve.

I love you all and hold space for your Health, Wealth and Happiness.

Kindest Regards and Well Wishes

Damien Healy
Derbyshire England

I could tell you so many great things about my six weeks at the Eagle Nest. I could tell you about the magical landscape near the “Templo de la Luna” surrounding the lovely garden in front of your own, private room and bathroom. I could tell you about my wonderful, personal San Pedro experience. But you can find numberless stories about this on the internet and I agree with those people who feel that their San Pedro experience was one of the most important in their life. So, I won’t tell you why you should participate in a San Pedro ceremony. I will instead tell you why you should do it at the Eagle Nest.

Have you ever had an amazing experience and wished you weren’t alone and could share it with your best friends and family? Well, then here’s the perfect place for you.

I believe that for many people it’s important to experience San Pedro away from home, away from their regular surroundings, relationships and contracts, away from their friends and family. But you’ll be on a truly transformative, beautiful journey into your mind, through your own personal history and the behavioural mechanisms you’ve learned and lived by for so many years. And you’ll want to share this with people who listen and understand without judgment. The people at the Eagle Nest will do that.

As a former executive of a bank my mind has the tendency to analyse. I don’t believe what I can’t understand. You could call me a skeptic. Hence it’s sometimes hard for me to be with people who just take an experience as it is – without trying to categorize, analyse and question it. That’s why it was so important for me to find someone working at the Eagle Nest who shared the same outlook on life and especially on plant medicine (I won’t tell you who, find out yourself!). So, if you need to talk about your experience with a more or less scientific mindset – here you’ll have a good partner for long, rewarding conversations.

But if you’re not like me, if you’re brave enough to fall free into the deep mysteries that San Pedro will reveal to you, then be sure that you can do this with the assistance of experienced people who believe that the universe cares about you and who will guide you into their world of spirits.

And if you’re one of the lucky type saying “feeling good is good enough for me” then again there’s someone at the Eagle Nest who feels the same way and lives it every second of the day.

That’s what’s really amazing about this place. Somehow these four very different individuals, Steve, Tracy, Tiago and Jessica have found each other, love each other, understand and support each other in a way that is just magical. You will feel at home far away from home. And whatever baggage you have, be sure that someone at the Eagle Nest will help carry it for you.

Christian Dederichs, Germany